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Name of the parrot song: Kva-Kva
Album name: Parrot Party

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Everyone is invited to Parrot Party!

Did you ever wonder whether parrot themed music exists in this world?...NOW, at last, IT DOES!
How many times have you said to yourself, “Does my parrot feel lonely? Does my parrot like to listen to and enjoy music?”. What music do parrots like? Do you think new commercial music misses something? Something from the heart and from nature.

Hi, my name is Bruno. My friend and I have made some amazing parrot-themed music for you and your parrot. Sounds tempting? Here‘s why! Start playing this sensational rainforest music and watch the reaction of your parrots! Do they like this uniqueness of sound and become exited? Do you also feel ‘the call’ towards nature, listening to our special music with your parrot?
Do you feel like you ‘go somewhere you belong? Somewhere comfortable.

When you listen to our music, just close your eyes and imagine… You could almost be there… you are there... You’re discovering the jungle with these beautiful birds. And as you walk over bright red and yellow soils you can hear their sounds, their screeching! Because they’re so glad to be alive… Alive, because they’re with you, and among the sounds of a distant waterfall and the stunning scenery of sunset orange, hot pink and purple jungle plants! You can really SEE this intensity of colour! And if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the water dripping off the large, lush greens of the jungle leaf habitat. You can even ‘smell’ the greenery! And as the hazy sunlight shimmers through the tall trees, you can ‘touch those thoughts you’re feeling’ with our “Parrot Party” Audio CD.

This music album was developed after many people emailed me and asked for copies of my songs! These were originally made by me for my “Multimedia Guide for Parrots.” After I put my song called “Parrot Dance“ on You Tube, many people asked me to send them my music.
Here are some ‘extract’ copies from those emails…

I spent a long time online in your website (Mosquito Software) putting my headphones on and listening to the Kva-Kva and Rainforest songs you had on there... I’ve also listened to them with George, my baby African Grey, and I have to say that he LOVES them too!… I‘m guessing that listening to Kva-Kva and the Rainforest music was, well, the nearest I'll get to heaven while being here on earth!! - Fiona


Because of this, I decided to make the album “Parrot Party“ on Audio CD for you and your parrot.
You can listen to this CD on your audio system or PC, together with your parrot; or in your car, or wherever you want to. It will provide you both with countless hours of entertainment.

Listen HERE!  

HERE and NOW On this website, I AM OFFERING YOU A SPECIAL INVITATION to listen to 6 of our songs. (FREE) If you are happy with this, that‘s GREAT! But that’s not all, I’m giving you a Wonderful Opportunity to own our “Parrot Party“ Audio CD at our great Introductory Price!
I made it because I am a parrot lover just like you! Parrots are my love, my hobby and my passion. It makes me happy that this music makes you happy. That’s why I put this music on my website for free. I want your parrot to enjoy this music as much as you do.

 If you want to support me so that I can make new album of parrot themed music,

ANTICIPATING YOUR INTEREST I promise you I will make another album called “Parrot Party 2“ after first 200 sold. I’ve recently launched the website (Juanuary, 2008), and I already sold them few.


For the pricing, I decided to do it like this:-

For first 50 copies the total price will be only $12,95 each;
For the next fifty it will be $17,95 each;
And for last 100 CDs it will be $22,95 each
So DON’T DELAY! if you like this music, because by waiting the price will increase.

The CD will be packaged well and shipped to you the next day.
And in just a few days you will be enjoying all our music in full sound quality together with your bird.


Tracks on Audio CD are:

  01. Parrot-dance
02. Kva-Kva
03. Rain-Forest-Sounds
04. Happy-Parrot-Music
05. Parrot-at-Beach
06. Parakeet-Bird-song
07. Homeseek-Parrot-music
08. Slow-Budgie-song
09. Cockateil-lovebird-song
10. Hip-Hop-Parrot
11. Parrot-in-action
12. Grey-Parrot-Confusion
13. Parrot-in-space
14. Andes-Parrot

Take an unforgettable trip to the Jungle
With your OWN SPECIAL Audio CD

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Yes, send me CD today, so I can enjoy together with my parrot in Parrot Party!
Now only 12,95$... (introductory price will be rised in the few next days to 17,95$)

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  Parrot Music  

Parrot Dance
Rain Forest sounds
Happy Parrot Music Parrot at Beach
Parakeet Bird Song

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  Parrot Sounds  

Grey Parrot sound
Budgerigar sound
Cockatiel sound
Macaw sound
Amazon Parrot sound
Cockatoo sound
Eclectus Parrot sound
Lovebird sound
Crimson Rosella sound
Eastern Rosella sound

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  Parrots Info  

African Grey Parrot
Budgerigar - Budgie
Green winged Macaw
Amazon Parrot
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Peach fronted love bird
Fischer's lovebird
Masked lovebird
Crimson Rosella
Eastern Rosella
Alexandrine Parakeet
Rose ringed parakeet
Red rumped parrot

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  Parrot Pictures  

African Grey Parrot pictures
Budgerigar pictures
Cockatiel pictures
Green winged macaw pictures
Amazon Parrot pictures
Cockatoo pictures
Eclectus Parrot pictures
Peach fronted lovebird pictures
Fischer's lovebird pictures
Masked lovebird pictures
Crimson Rosella pictures
Eastern Rosella pictures
Alexandrine Parakeet pictures
Rose ringed parakeet pictures
Red rumped parrot pictures

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  Parrot Videos  

African Grey Parrot video
Budgerigar video
Cockatiel video
Green winged macaw video
Amazon Parrot video
Cockatoo video
Eclectus Parrot video
Peach fronted lovebird video
Fischer's lovebird video
Masked lovebird video
Crimson Rosella video
Eastern Rosella video
Alexandrine Parakeet video
Rose ringed parakeet video
Red rumped parrot video

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