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Are you planning to buy one or more of these truly majestic beings, or are you looking to choose another parrot species altogether? Maybe you simply adore parrots? You are in the right place! HERE! I would like to share, with you, almost all the material I was collecting about ‘Aviaries’ and ‘Parrot Homes’ through my life and ‘bird years!’

BE  MY GUEST!  ‘Go Click’ on any parrot species you like. You will find out all information about the African Grey Parrot, Cockatiel, Budgie, Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot, Green-wing Macaw, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Lovebirds, Parakeets and many, many more…. Everything you always wanted to know can be found here.

It can be said that I am a real fan of parrots. I especially enjoy their ‘vivacious humour’. Are you, perhaps, seeking proof of the funny appealing side of parrot life? Then take a VISIT to my “Parrot Videos and Movies” OR If you wish to see stunning full-screen Parrot Photos taken by camera…

Then, for even more fun, LISTEN to our amazing parrot music. Songs like Parrot Dance, Kva-Kva, Rainforest Sounds and Happy Parrot are some of the most famous parrot and bird songs. All these and more can be found on my “Parrot Party Audio CD”.

If you are wondering what a particular parrot sounds like … WE CAN HELP! ‘Go Click’ and you will be introduced to unique and unforgettable sounds of parrots such as the African Grey sound, Budgerigar chirps, Cockatiel whistle, Macaw melody, Amazon Parrot acoustics, Cockatoo screech, Eclectus Parrot song and Lovebird squawk.

In our Parrot Pictures Section you will find many good quality and truly stunning colour pictures, which you can use in your website for free, and all we ask of you is that you PLEASE LINK to me. Lots of parrot pictures! Lots of parrot photos!!

You will find ‘cool’ Cockatiel pictures , ‘adorable’ African Grey Parrot pictures , ‘brilliant’ Budgerigar pics, ‘gorgeous’ Green-winged Macaw photos, ‘awesome’ Amazon Parrot pictures, ‘candid’ Cockatoo images, ‘extraordinary’ Eclectus Parrot pictures, ‘pretty’ Peach-fronted lovebird photo’s, ‘fabulous’ Fischer's lovebird photos, ‘magnificent’ Masked lovebird pictures, ‘cute’ Crimson Rosella piccies, ‘exciting’ Eastern Rosella photos, ‘amazing’ Alexandrine Parakeet images, ‘radiant’ Red-Rumped Parrot pictures and ‘ravishing’ Rose-Ringed Parakeet images.

In our “Parrot Video Section“ you will find the great, the zany, the funny, the talkative, the laughable, the endearing, the cute and the sad. Examples like the Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrot video with the crazy smile. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo ‘strutting his stuff’ to Backstreet Boys. The baby Budgies where it is possible to see the growing process from egg to hatch. And Alex, the African grey parrot who died recently, aged 31years…NOT-TO-BE-MISSED!!
PLEASE. Feel free to send me your parrot information, parrot photos, parrot themed music and parrot sounds. I will upload it HERE, so you can become part of our web pages.

Some interesting facts about parrots are:

Did you know that the African Grey Parrot is the most intelligent animal in the world? It is considered that it truly understands some of what it says, leading some people to believe they have the mentality of a three year old human child. ‘A naughty toddler‘ some would say!!

Did you know that a Budgie named ‘Sparkie’ is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. ‘Sparkie’ had a vocabulary of more than 530 words and was able to ‘string together’ more than 380 sentences. Budgies are believed to be the ‘most common ‘Pet Parrot’ in the world today.

Cockatiels are sometimes called Weero or Quarrion or Crested Parakeets. Some interesting facts about the cockatiel are that they like to ‘watch something’ (like TV), or ‘listen to Kva-Kva music. ‘ Cockatiels can see colours and like to play with movable objects. The cockatiel enjoys ‘being misted’ with warm water.

Green-winged Macaws are the second largest parrot in the world. The beautifully coloured Hyacinth Macaw is the largest. Their amazing beaks are designed to crack open Brazil nuts and are strong enough to crack a broomstick in half.

The yellow fronted and blue fronted Amazon species of parrot has been popular for several hundred years as a pet. These birds, though not as clever as the Grey, are very good at mimicking human speech and are known to be quite noisy. They are loud at ‘jungle noises!!‘ Amazons, like most parrots, use their feet as hands. Amazons are monogamous, choosing a partner for life.

The eclectus parrot, like all parrots, eats fruits, seeds, and nuts but there favourite fruit is the pomegranate.  The pomegranate is an almost peach-looking fruit that is filled with seeds held together by a fleshy white meat.  As both sexes are totally different in colour (sexually dimorphic) it was thought, for a long time, that they were two different species; until Dr. A. B. Meiljer (National Museum of Natural History) discovered in 1874, that the males are green and the females are red.

Interesting facts about Cockatoos include that their life span is long! They can live to be 100 years old.
They require freedom. So if you cage the cockatoo for long time, it will become sick and crazy. The Cockatoo requires lots of love, attention and care.
Cockatoos will give more importance to the emotional bonding. It is a good friend of its human kin. If it is detached from the bonded ‘Owner’ (or the ‘significant other bird’ that it has bonded to) it can become sick very quickly. This can prove fatal. Cockatoos are fond of interacting and playing with people and can also form strong bonds with other birds. So be sure to make ‘quality one-to-one time’ to spend with them.

Lovebirds are not called lovebirds because of their need for an avian companion, but because of their habit of huddling closely together. In fact, lovebirds kept in pairs can be quite intractable and difficult to tame. Therefore single lovebirds, but only when taken from the nest as babies and hand-fed, make the best pets.

Not only does the Eastern Rosella nest in trees or stumps but it also nests in fence posts. The Eastern Rosella is also called a Rosehill Parakeet, or Rosy. It will be found in pairs or flocks in scrub, savannah, woods and even farmland, where it seeks seeds, fruit, berries, nectar, blossoms and insects.

Alexandrine Parakeet is the largest of the Parakeet species, sometimes reaching over two feet in length. Their tails can sometimes be up to a foot and a half long!

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Parrot Dance
Rain Forest sounds
Happy Parrot Music Parrot at Beach
Parakeet Bird Song

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  Parrot Sounds  

Grey Parrot sound
Budgerigar sound
Cockatiel sound
Macaw sound
Amazon Parrot sound
Cockatoo sound
Eclectus Parrot sound
Lovebird sound
Crimson Rosella sound
Eastern Rosella sound

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  Parrots Info  

African Grey Parrot
Budgerigar - Budgie
Green winged Macaw
Amazon Parrot
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Peach fronted love bird
Fischer's lovebird
Masked lovebird
Crimson Rosella
Eastern Rosella
Alexandrine Parakeet
Rose ringed parakeet
Red rumped parrot

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African Grey Parrot pictures
Budgerigar pictures
Cockatiel pictures
Green winged macaw pictures
Amazon Parrot pictures
Cockatoo pictures
Eclectus Parrot pictures
Peach fronted lovebird pictures
Fischer's lovebird pictures
Masked lovebird pictures
Crimson Rosella pictures
Eastern Rosella pictures
Alexandrine Parakeet pictures
Rose ringed parakeet pictures
Red rumped parrot pictures

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African Grey Parrot video
Budgerigar video
Cockatiel video
Green winged macaw video
Amazon Parrot video
Cockatoo video
Eclectus Parrot video
Peach fronted lovebird video
Fischer's lovebird video
Masked lovebird video
Crimson Rosella video
Eastern Rosella video
Alexandrine Parakeet video
Rose ringed parakeet video
Red rumped parrot video

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